SADCO+ System

Systems of automated remote control (SADCO+ series) are intended for custody transfer measurements, inventory & operative monitoring of liquids important technological parameters during storage, transportation and processing.

Main Tasks & Functions


SADCO+ - based solutions are used in oil and gas, energy, transport, food and processing industries. Systems are widely used for online monitoring of liquid energy carriers during their storage, transportation and distribution. In particular, for petroleum products: oil, fuel oil, gasoline and diesel fuels, kerosene, liquefied petroleum gas, etc. The systems are also used in food and processing industries to control various liquid products like vegetable oils, molasses, purified water, biodiesel or LPG used for heating or drying technological processes, etc.

The systems can monitor various aggressive liquids, such as solutions of active chemicals (acids and their solutions, alkali, pressurized ammonia, etc.). In addition to onshore storage and transshipment terminals, the systems can be used as onboard equipment for ships for liquid cargo state control, ballast management, fuel consumption data collection, and other ship parameter monitoring. SADCO+ sensors can be used with any liquids that do not cause sticking to the probe, including aggressive ones inside closed tanks and open-air reservoirs.

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Basic Description

SADCO+ systems measure product parameters in tank farms in continuous mode 24x7. Correct and actual information about the parameters of the liquids is necessary for current monitoring, prevention of emergencies and general safety of technological processes. The information about available resources at the moment and historical data about changes are used for process analysis, operative decision-making, forecasting and improvement of economic efficiency in general. The systems provide a high level of reliability and accuracy due to the use of modern elements and architecture and continuous improvements, more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing, operation and support of SADCO systems by the enterprises of the AMICO Group.

A typical SADCO+ system structure includes several structural blocks. The first one comprises the set of measuring probes or transducers (S) that are the sources of measurement data flow (level, separation level, pressure, temperature, etc.). The second one consists of an industrial computer or console (C) wired with the above set of sensors. Its task is to realize the data collection, control appropriate processes subroutines, perform related calculations, visualize measurement results, and launch visual and sound emergency signals to responsible personnel. One more obligatory structural block, the set of switchboards (ES), provides a centralized, intrinsically safe power supply.

The user interface of a program and the measurement data can be duplicated for several users performing various roles (process operators, engineers, security officers) to increase the measurement results availability and therefore increase the safety of a controllable process.

The systems can be easily scaled at technological (expansion through increasing measurement channels) and informational levels. It can also be integrated into a facility’s informational and technical systems, providing the necessary information flow used by other decision-making support systems. Following customers' needs, the scope of supply may include integration of the SADCO+ system with automated enterprise management or process control systems, emergency detection systems, reports compilation systems, etc. Information can be processed and summarized according to the customer’s requirements within separate structural units of the facility or for the scale of the holding, corporation, region, etc.

Structure and scaling-up capabilities of systems

Structure and scaling-up capabilities of systems

SADCO+ software is used for communication and control of hardware, calculations of intermediate parameters and registration of measurements and calculation results and events, visualization of results and reporting. Essential software has several options for the user interface depending on the application. Special optional software (including specialized interfaces, etc.) can be developed upon demand.

An example of the user interface for the “SADCO-OIL” system  (representation of measurement data for each unpressurized reservoir in mixed digit-graphic mode)

An example of the user interface for the “SADCO-OIL” system (representation of measurement data for each unpressurized reservoir in mixed digit-graphic mode)

Information about controllable parameters, equipment status and events are logged and stored in a local (or/and remote) database with restricted access. Reports on the state of tanks/parks can be generated using predefined templates and criteria (for example, for a given period, separate reservoir/group, or product class) and shared with staff members.

The main window and the user interface of the SADCO-LPG system (representation in graphical-tabular mode)

The main window and the user interface of the SADCO-LPG system (representation in graphical-tabular mode)

User interface of the program for logs visualization and reports generation

User interface of the program for logs visualization and reports generation

SADCO+ system performs visual and audio signalization for the users about important safety parameters, for example, of reaching critical or risk values of technological parameters. This feature significantly increases overall awareness and safety and reduces possible errors and accidents. In particular, the system alarms for unauthorized changes in levels/volumes of products in the tanks and warns about potential product leaks or overflows, preventing significant economic and environmental damages.

Technical Data

Parameter Value
Mass calculation maximum permissible error according to ДСТУ 7094:2009, % 0.5 %
Maximum reservoir height, m
for unpressurized tanks (pressures up to 0.1 MPa) 18 m
for pressurized tanks (pressure up to 2.5MPa) 5 m
(the measurement range can be expanded upon request)
Level measurement maximum permissible error ±1 mm
Temperature measurement maximum permissible error
for temperature range -20..+55 °С ±0.5 °С
for extended temperature range -40..+85 °С ±1.5 °С
Pressure measurement maximum permissible error, for pressure range 0..2 MPa ±0.25 %

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