Level sensor for LPG


Level gauge for LPG MIRA+™ is designed for continuous measurement of level and temperature of liquids in tanks. The level sensor for LPG MIRA+™ is designed for continuous measurement of the level and temperature of gases in storage tanks.

Level gauges MIRA+™ can be additionally used for interface level measurement, alarm and notification generation when sub-critical or critical process parameter values are estimated (e.g., for overfilling protection - when level reaches “top fill level” or “alarm level” that was optioned by an operator).

Level sensor has EX protection type “Intrinsically safe electrical circuit” and can be mounted in hazardous areas of classes 0,1,2.

The level gauge is certified and can be used in custody transfer applications.

It is possible to produce equipment upon special requirements of the Customer. Information integration from the level sensor into any automation systems is available to signal subcritical and critical parameter values (e.g. approaching the set upper/lower product level), control interphase level.


Level gauges can be used for custody transfer, process control, continuous monitoring of various tank farms. Sensors are applicable for the use with the following products:

Level gauges for LPG measurement, use in oil and gas industry, refineries
MIRA+ level sensors for LPG can be used for custody transfer and monitoring of  liquid petroleum gases stored in a reservoirs
Industrial applications of an LPG Level sensors, usage for LPG level measurement for production facilities, etc.
LPG level sensors and gauging for tank trucks


Level sensor for LPG «MIRA+» meets the requirements:

Technical data

Parameter Value
Level measurement range 0 ... 5 m
Max. measurement error ± 1 mm
Number of temperature measurement points 1 … 7
Process temperature -40 … +50 °С
Max. temperature measurement error
for temperatures -20 … +50°С ±0.5 °С
for temperatures -40 … -20°С ±1.5 °С
Measurement units mm, °С
Output signal, interface Modbus RTU, RS-485
Supply Voltage DC (Nominal) 24 V
Nominal current 35 mА
Supply Voltage Range, DC 13 ... 26.5 V
Current range 30 ... 45 mА
Max power consumption 1.15 W
Explosion-proof marking Ex II 1G Ex ia IIB T4 Ga
Safety-related data in accordance with ATEX Ui = 27.0 V, Ii = 260 mА, Pi = 1.15 W, Ci = 0.36 uF, Li = 50 uH
Cable twisted pair, 0.5 ... 1 mm2
Tank connection Flange, DN>=125 (see drawings for details)
Degree of protection IP67
Materials in contact with product Wetted parts and sealings: Stainless steel AISI 304/321, PTFE (or equivalents)
Max Net weight 20 kg
Permissible lateral load (waveguide) 5 Nm
Ambient temperature (operation), Ta -25 ... +55 °С
Process pressure -0.1 ... 2.5 МPа
Max. relative humidity < 100 %, non-condensing
Operation mode 24/7



Delivery set (typical)

# Name pcs.
1 Level sensor for LPG MIRA+™ 1
2 Passport 1
3 User Manual 1
4 Software MIRA+™ Desktop 1